Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Festival) 👻

5 thoughts on “Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Festival) 👻”

  1. I found your blog very informative and interesting to read. It made me learn a lot of information about the traditions you wrote about because I knew little to nothing about these traditions. I found Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Festival) very interesting to learn about. I found it very interesting that they do all these things for the spirits and that they try to avoid many different things like weddings during that month. A lot of this information most people would not know and your blog helped me learn something that I did not know about. It is also very interesting that they burn paper images of things for spirits to use in the afterlife. This is definitely not a tradition that is heard about often.

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  2. Hello! I haven’t traveled as much as I want to, but I’m hoping the article will give me some good ideas! I found this section particularly interesting because welcoming spirits and ghosts is not something that occurs very often. It is also bizarre that people would burn images of certain things. I just wonder why weddings are not really supposed to occur during these times. If people are guiding the spirits, welcoming them, « feeding » them, why can’t there be marriage.

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