Tomatina 🍅

12 thoughts on “Tomatina 🍅”

  1. Hello Anaïs
    Thank you this very good post but I have a question:
    Since a large quantity of edible tomatoes are thrown away for celebration and not to be eaten. Do you think the party is ethical and that we should continue to celebrate it?


    1. Hello! If the tomatoes are really rotten and are destined to be thrown away, I think we can continue this tradition, even if as we often say “we don’t play with food”


  2. Never heard of this tradition but it sounds so fun ! Apart from the waste, of course…
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of traditions that don’t fit anymore with our nowadays issues. I firstly think about the Grindadrap in Faroe Islands. This one has of course nothing to do with it, but the debate can be open too !

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