Oktoberfest 🍺

18 thoughts on “Oktoberfest 🍺”

    1. The Oktoberfest is present in several French cities (like Paris and Marseille), unfortunately I didn’t find the next dates, sorry. Nevertheless I advice you the original Oktoberfest, in Munich from September 17th to October 3rd 2022! 🍻


  1. Hi Anais! I’ve actually been to Oktoberfest and to say the least, it’s wonderful. It’s fascinating how each local Munich brewery has its own « Bierzelt » or beer tent. One of my favorite beers that is a big part of Munich beer culture is what is called « Hefeweizen » or wheat beer. The great thing is that at the Oktoberfest. you can get this on tap. ….an amazingly smooth beer…. If you buy wheat beer in the bottle, let’s say in the store or away from Oktoberfest, you have to have a beer mug that is long enough to allow the wheat at the bottom of the bottle to drain out. I like your website!

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  2. Hi Anaïs ! you got my attention with the words « world’s largest beer festival » and I’m really surprised ! Nice work and pretty blog. Soft, refine, and seems almost professional !!
    I’ll go to Munich see this festi… see the city I mean haha

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